Foam Stop Installation Instructions

(Do not store FoamStop folded or rolled)

1. Cut the top and bottom sections of FoamStop square at both ends ¼ inch smaller than flashed opening

2. Install the top and bottom sections of FoamStop 1.5-2” in from exterior wall; staple to fasten

3. Cut side sections of FoamStop ¼ inch shorter of overall height, then cut side sections at a 45° angle on both ends

4. Install the side sections of FoamStop adjacent to the top and bottom sections; staple to fasten

5. Angled cut should be visible from the exterior

6. Caulk all internal corners

7. Caulk external sides and top

8. The rough opening is now prepared to set the window

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  • Improper selection, application, storage, handling, or modification, Failure to properly install product according to T-Stop’s instruction or to integrate product into the structure to prevent water intrusion;
  • Failure to follow window manufacturer installation instructions; Failure to meet code or specification requirements.
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